NXP SAA7164 Need HELP!

TV card lose SUBvendor ID

Im owner of Compro E900F dual hybrid tuner DVB-T + analog TV, card suddenly after 9 years lose ID and now it's presented generic device as PCI\\VEN_1131&DEV_7164&SUBSYS_00001131&REV_81, normaly is PCI\\VEN_1131&DEV_7164&SUBSYS_E900185B, I modified inf file,it works but it takes a long time to initialize...I've seen flash tools for SAA713x and CX2388x but not for SAA716x, Desktop machine WIN7 -32 and 64bit
I appreciate any kind of help...I apologize for English language (google translate: Я извиняюсь за язык)
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Riki Chang


иногда помогает вынуть плату из компьютера, загрузиться без платы, потом опять выключить и вставить карту обратно.
Riki Chang :
I have one more desktop machine (win10), same issue
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