Обновились MPEG4 видеокодеки

Dmitry Kornev
  • 11 сентября 2004
  • 5k
Немного обновился XviD Codec v1.0.2 Исправлено несколько ошибок и усовершенствован "motion vector clipping for broken streams".

Снова обновился DivX Pro v.5.2.1, причем сообщается о большом количестве изменений и дополнений...

Процитирую разработчиков :

Today we release DivX 5.2.1 and DivX Pro 5.2.1. There are a ton of fixes and enhancements, including full compatibility with Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2 and the localized versions of the DivX User Guide. There is also a new version of DivX Player sporting the 5.2.1 decoder for enhanced stability, performance, and video quality - and Dr DivX 1.0.6 is now available.

We'd also like to announce a new addition to the DivX Team. David (aka LordRPI) has been working as a forum moderator for several years now, and officially joined us here in the office last Friday. We're all excited about having him onboard, myself especially, since I can now delegate making coffee, scrubbing the floors, and running errands to the new "new guy"...

And now for the details!



- Crashing with some videos
- Black areas appearing in some videos
- Locking up/crashing when seeking in, or exiting various third-party players
- Performance impact when previewing files in explorer because DirectShow is calling DivX.dll in error on some systems
- Skipped blocks decoding multiple B-frames with no post-processing
- Japanese decoder configuration dialogue showing garbled text


- Encoder stalls for a long time when loaded
- Encode stalls for a long time when configuration dialog is closed
- Picture wobble when de-interlacing
- Codec loses license information (DivX Pro runs as DivX, DivX Pro 6 month trial runs as DivX, etc.)
- Some Pro features not ghosted out when trial expires, even though they are not functional
- Trial expired message not always displayed when appropriate
- Memory access violation during nth pass
- Disabling “Rotate artwork and product information” does not disable scrolling text area

Check For Updates

- Process could not be completed manually when system locale was not one of English, French, German, Japanese
- Using system locale as language preference instead of users language selection
- User Guide
- References to MV file feature, which is disabled for this release (Support article)


- Added an option to installer for “Generic MPEG-4 Playback Component”
- Includes DivX Player 2.5.5
- Windows XP SP2-compatible
- Register application now shows an “Already registered” message where appropriate
- DivX User Guide localized for English, French, German, and Japanese (available seperately from www.divx.com)

Known issues:

- The Decoder Configuration utility may be unavailable when launched from the Start menu after the DivX Decoder Filter is first instanciated. The error message that is shown in this circumstance is not localized (Support article)

- VirtualDub may hang after the Trial Expried dialog is shown (Support article)

- Windows 98 users may see a blue screen of death when "Rotate artwork and product information" is enabled in the codec settings (Support article)

- The DivX Pro Trial can not be started successfully when executed from account with lower priveledges than Power User (Support article)

- MV re-use is disabled because it was found to reduce video quality for negligable performance gain (Support article)

- The "lambda" slider control does not appear on the encoder feedback window (Support article)

- The EKG application may be unable to manipulate a multipass log file stored in the root directory of a Windows ME system, i.e. "C:\ DivX.log" (Support article)